• "The hyper-realistic replicas possessed a disturbing eeriness. Each precise detail of the models' physical appearance — down to their fingernails — were recreated. The mannequins looked like they'd suddenly come to life. But the most frightening details were their blinged-out cheek retractors (which are typically used by dentists to take X-rays of patients' teeth). With their mouths spread wide open, the models looked like carnivorous, blood-hungry monsters..."


  • "Then there’s the mannequins. Barneys had silicone casts of six models meticulously made by Yuji Yoshimoto’s Studio UG, the same outfit that created the replicas of Yayoi Kusama, which inhabited Louis Vuitton’s windows in 2012. The surrogates are identical to the HBA dudes—every tattoo, hair follicle, and tooth is an exact match of the real humans they stand in for. Uncanny is putting it lightly."


  • "Comprised of six models inspired by Hood By Air’s Spring/Summer 2016 show in Paris, the mannequins were made by custom fabricator Yuji Yoshimoto of Studio UG. Made to perfectly emulate its human counterparts, the mannequins are bold and eerie, staring out of the shop windows. The process to create these mannequins took a total of two months, involving 3D body scans, silicon tints, real hair applied strand by strand, as well as customized dentures and glass eyeballs."


  • "The sculptures were made in collaboration with Yuji Yoshimoto of Studio UG and took two months to complete. To create the mannequins, each model had to sit for a 3-D body scan and a body casting of plaster over silicon for the mold."

    Daily Front Row

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  • "When a scan of his head and a computer-generated image didn't work, Byrne begged artist Yuji Yoshimoto, who makes giant realistic plastic candy bars and Cheerios for Saturday morning commercials, to sculpt real Byrne dolls showing four typical moods, which Byrne describes as ''pissed off, crying, stupidly happy and dull gaze.''

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